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Author: Dipal Pawar

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Email Marketing for E-commerce

Email Marketing for E-commerce: Best Practices and Tips

Email marketing is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses to engage with customers, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. With a well-planned email marketing strategy, you can effectively reach your target audience, showcase products, and provide valuable content. In this…

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How to avoid the spam folder and increase your email deliverability

How to Avoid the Spam folder and Increase your Email Deliverability

Email deliver ability can be a challenge, especially when it comes to avoiding spam filters. Here are some tips to help increase your email deliverability and avoid the spam folder: Use a reputable email service provider (ESP): Make sure you…

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Marketing Automation – Always Stay One Step Ahead!

Marketing automation is an essential tool for any business looking to improve its marketing efforts. By automating tasks such as email marketing, lead nurturing, and lead scoring, businesses can streamline their marketing process and improve their overall ROI. Utilize marketing…

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How To Boost Engagement By Using Video In Emails

Email marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to boost engagement. In this blog post, we will explore how video can be used to increase email engagement. Recent studies have shown that including video in email can boost…

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Blogs to Read for Learning Affiliate Marketing Tricks

Affiliate advertising and marketing is an exciting way to earn cash online. It means selling services and products from different organizations and one earns a fee whilst a sale is made. While affiliate advertising and marketing may be lucrative, it…

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